Lea Fields Crematorium offer three types of services to meet the differing needs of individuals. All forms of religious and/or secular services are welcome in our chapel.

The duration of each service is determined by the service type booked for the funeral.

Punctuality is required by all persons attending a service so as to prevent the interference of one funeral with another. It is essential that bookings arrive at the time booked and finish on time for the smooth operation of our service.

Cremation services

Lea Fields Crematorium offer a 45 minute service hourly at 10:30: 11:30: 12:30: 13:30: 14:30 and 15:30. Please note when booking in your service an extension can be purchased in advance, subject to availability.

Early Start Services

The 09:00 and 09:45 early start services are at 45 minute intervals and provide 35 minutes maximum service time and 10 minutes to fully vacate the chapel ready for the next service to begin. No additional time may be booked for the early start services.

Direct Funerals

Funeral Directors must notify the crematorium that they have a need for a direct service time, and must not use the online booking service.

Lea Fields Crematorium will agree a suitable day and time for the funeral.

Direct Services will only be accepted subject to the following being adhered to:

  • No family or friends will be in attendance
  • To arrive on the agreed date and time
  • That a clean smart vehicle be used
  • That all staff are uniformed
  • That sufficient staff to convey the coffin to the catafalque in a dignified manner are provided (Use of the crematorium trolley/ bier is permitted).
  • All coffins will enter the crematorium through the main chapel doors and be respectfully placed on the catafalque.
  • If requested, one piece of music can be chosen to be played for arrival.

The crematorium have the right to refuse any coffin if the standard of care and dignity set out above are not met.

A Direct Cremation does not allow family or friends to attend the crematorium. The crematorium reserves the right to charge the appropriate fee if family members do arrive for the service.