Fees and charges

Cremation fees include: Medical referee fees, environmental fees, biodegradable ashes container, music and scattering of the cremated remains in our garden of remembrance.
All service times include the time taken for mourners to enter, the service and fully vacate the chapel.
Please note – there is no charge to the families of children aged 17 years and under, these charges are claimed for from the ministry of justice Children’s Funeral Fund for England

All fees and charges are payable in advance to the Council, except in the case of Funeral Directors who are dealing continuously with the Council, when payments may be permitted to be rendered weekly (this must be discussed, in advance, with the Bereavement Services Manager or appointed person).


Fees and charges
Services and facilities 2022/23 fees: Valid from 1 April 2022 to 31 March 2023
(including VAT where applicable
Cremation – Attended 45 minute service £850.00
Early start cremation service (09:00 & 09:45) – Attended 35 minute service £686.00
Farewell Service – A 10 minute service, for 6 mourners and no officiant, with one piece of music played on repeat £528.00
Direct Cremation service – no attendance £465.00
Saturday service (with discussion with Manager for availability) – Attended 45 minute service £1,190.00
Late cancellation fee (Service cancelled within 72 hours of service) £116.50
Chapel fee (extension 20 minutes) £185.00
Chapel fee (extension 40 minutes) £238.00
Strewing/scattering of cremated remains from elsewhere £55.00
Live webcast recording (currently at a reduced price) £49.80
Webcast recording (available for 28 days and download) £56.40
DVD recording (1st copy) £62.40
DVD recording (each subsequent copy) £31.20
Visual tribute (1 photograph) – currently free of charge £18.60 £0.00
Visual tribute (2-25 photographs) – slide show played on a loop throughout service £49.80
Video tribute (up to 5 minutes) £43.80
DVD containing the tribute (1st copy) £31.20
DVD containing the tribute (each subsequent copy) £25.20
Pro-tribute (up to 25 photographs) £83.40
Visual Tribute, both standard and professionally edited – each additional 25 photos £32.40