At Lea Fields Crematorium we understand that finding a fitting tribute in celebration of a person’s life can be difficult, to help you we offer a selection of memorials.

If you would like some more information then please contact us, we can either send you a full brochure and accompanying price list or alternatively we would be delighted to show you our memorial selection and offer any assistance required.

Book of Remembrance

A simple and lasting traditional memorial. Your personal entry is inscribed by a highly experienced team of craftspeople who create beautiful tributes using traditional materials and processes. You have a choice to include a personal illustration to your entry to commemorate your loved one. Your entry will also be available to view over the internet free of charge, enabling you to share and celebrate your memories with relatives and friends around the world. The date under which the entry appears is normally the date of death. However, any date may be chosen such as a birthday or wedding anniversary.

Mulberry Tree

A realistic Mulberry memorial tree with a hand carved granite trunk situated at the end of a pathway leading to Remembrance Court. Offering the opportunity for a hand crafted and beautiful memorial tribute. The heart shaped leaves give you an excellent choice of personalised artwork to commemorate a loved one. Leased for 5 years then you will have an option to renew the plaque or take it home.

Barbican Plaque

A simple yet stylish design displaying individual granite plaques. Each plaque can be personalised with an excellent choice of  personal artwork designs symbolising a personal tribute to a loved one. Leased for 5 years then you will have an option to renew the plaque or take it home.

Sanctum 2000 Vault

A Sanctum 2000 vault can hold up to 2 sets of cremated remains or other personal tributes. Each vault is adorned with a polished granite plaque and a personal floral tribute vase fitted in the base. The Sanctum 2000 plaque is a truly personalised memorial option that will be beautifully inscribed with your words and bespoke artwork of your choice. The vault can be leased for 10 years after which you will have an option to renew the lease. At any point during or at the end of the lease the cremated remains can be moved to a final resting place of your choice.