Coronavirus FAQs

Last Updated: 26 October 2020, 10:30

Is there a limit on the number of people attending funerals?

  • The rule of 6 does not apply to funerals. For funerals there is a higher, legal gathering of 30. You should still socially distance from people you do not live with (or have not formed a support bubble with).
    • There are 30 seats in the chapel, some of which are in pairs to allow people from the same household to sit together while still observing a 2 metre distance from other mourners.
    • The seating availability reduces to 18 seats if mourners are from separate households, with the required 2 metre distancing between each one.

From 28 September 2020, Government Regulations* allow people who have tested positive for Coronavirus (COVID-19), or have been in close contact with somebody who tested positive should be self-isolating, to leave their self isolation to attend a funeral of a close family member .

Can we stand under the canopy and listen to the service?

  • We ask that mourners do not gather under the canopy in order to avoid breaking the government guidance on funerals and mass gatherings and to protect all visitors and staff. The guidance states it is advised that the number of attendees should be restricted to a maximum of 30 persons for public health reasons.

Do I need to wear a face mask?

  • Face coverings are mandatory when attending a funeral service , or visiting reception (exemptions apply).

Can attendees sing? Can we have a piper?

  • The guidance states that singing, chanting, raised voices or playing of instruments that are blown should be specifically avoided. These activities pose a possible additional risk of infection even if social distancing is being observed or face coverings are used.

Toilets, Hand washing and sanitising

  • Lea Fields toilets are open and has hand washing facilities. There is a  hand sanitising station both outside the chapel and in there chapel lobby (clearly marked) and should be utilised before entering the chapel.


  • All public areas are sanitised in-between each service (seats, handles, hard surfaces, toilets etc.).

Test and Trace

  • To help trace and stop the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) please scan the QR code when you arrive, using the NHS COVID-19 app. Funeral Directors will also give a simple NHS Test and Trace form for applicants to complete prior to the service. This will ask for their contact details (or those of the lead mourner on the day). Please contact Lea Fields Crematorium on 01427 676500 for further queries.

Current seating plan

Lea Fields chapel has 18 seats that allow for 2m social distancing, however, we can accommodate a maximum of 30 if some members of the 18 are accompanied by another member of their household.

The chairs are able to be moved into larger household groups if required

Crematorium seating plan

  • Please continue to maintain 2m social distancing
  • Put vulnerable or shielded mourners in a safer, more isolated position
  • Do not hug anyone from outside your household
  • Wash or sanitise your hands before and after the funeral

Test and Trace form